Partnership Programs

If your flower company delivers balloons, flowers and gifts we would like you to join us. 1-800-Balloons relays orders via Teleflora and other relay methods. Please visit us at and view our balloons, bouquets, delivery styles and sign up for representing us in your service areas. There are no membership fees or monthly dues to pay, it is absolutely free to join us!

All we ask is that, when it’s time for you to re-order your balloon inventory, simply buy our ‘suggested’ mylar styles, latex colors, and arrange the bouquets to resemble our designs. You may already have most of them in your inventory!

For balloon professionals

If your company delivers strictly balloons - or provides event decorating, visit us at and we’ll add your company to our preferred vendor’s list for new orders within your areas of service! Once again, there are no membership fees or monthly dues to pay, it’s absolutely free!

PLEASE NOTE: Balloon professionals are requested to carry extended inventory for balloon deliveries; typically 6 styles of ‘singing balloons’, 15 styles of oversized balloons, 11 and 16” latex balloons, teddy bears and candy. Additionally, balloon professionals are required to send 1-800-Balloons sample photos of their event decorating skills to be reviewed by our membership board. For more information, please visit us at